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FNIRSI 1014D Oscilloscope 2 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope DDS Signal Generator, 100X High Voltage Probe, 2 Channels 100Mhz Bandwidth 1GSa/s Sampling Rate Built-in 1GB Storage Space

Professional Designed: Fnirsi oscilloscope has a real-time tasting price of approximately 1GSA/S and an analog transmission capacity of 100MHZ * 2. Fnirsi oscilloscope has a full trigger feature (single/normal/automatic), it can be made use of openly for both routine analog signals and aperiodic electronic signals.Function Signal Generator: Built-in DDS feature signal generator and sector’s initial slicing result(@ 2.5 VPP ), all signal regularity actions are 1HZ, assistance 14 type of basic feature signals and an adjustable cutting signal, cutting the outcome divice obstructs component or the entire component of the complicated signals determined by the oscilloscope as the outcome signal of the signal generator, which can accumulate to 1000 personalized slicing signals.Easily Measuring: Cursor dimension feature, when by hand reviewing amplitude-frequency specifications, you do not require to check out the history range system and amount, and you can straight obtain the peak-to-peak worth and regularity without conversion.Easy to Observe: Equipped with high-efficiency

one-button AUTO, flexible 25 %, 50 %, 75%trigger, can show the gauged waveform without difficult modification; the screen is geared up with a 7-inch 800 * 480 resolution high-def LCD screen.Lissajous Graphic Display & FFT Viewing: Lissajous visuals display screen

feature can be utilized to contrast the amplitude, regularity and stage of both collections of signals. FFT watching feature can approximately evaluation of the harmonic web content of the signal.

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