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What Decoupling Capacitor Value To Use And Where To Place Them | Eric Bogatin

00:00 What is this video clip around
02:06 The schematic
14:44 The board/ circuit
22:03 Example: Long increase time
26:48 2us increase time, no decoupling capacitor
29:46 Fast increase time, no decoupling cap
34:01 Fast increase time, relocating probe
35:32 Estimating decoupling capacitor worth
38:49 1000uF near to circuit
41:42 1000uF much from the circuit
43:37 1uF near the circuit
46:24 Where to put decoupling capacitor
48:38 1 vs 2 capacitors
50:04 Sometimes extra is much better
54:18 Conclusion
55:49 Why 100nF capacitor?
1:01:43 Why PDN Graph?

Practical instances to reveal what decoupling capacitors do. Clarified by Eric Bogatin. Thanks Eric.

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