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Types of Capacitor and their applications Explained

0:00 Introduction
1:45 Electrolytic Capacitors
6:33 Ceramic Capacitors
9:35 Film Capacitors
11:58 Supercapacitors
13:04 Mica Capacitors
13:38 Trimmer Capacitors

In this video clip, various sorts of capacitors, their common electric homes, as well as their applications are described briefly.

Various Types of Capacitors:
There are numerous kinds of capacitors that are utilized in digital and also electric circuits. Right here is the listing of extensively made use of capacitor kinds.
1. Electrolytic Capacitors
2. Ceramic Capacitors
3. Movie Capacitors
4. Mica Capacitors
5. Supercapacitors
6. Leaner Capacitors (Variable Capacitor).

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In this video clip, the various kinds of capacitors which are often made use of in digital as well as electric circuits and also their applications are discussed briefly.

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The capacitors can be identified as polarized and also non-polarized capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors and also supercapacitors are polarized capacitors, while ceramic, mica, leaner, or movie capacitor are non-polarized capacitors.

1) How does a Capacitor Work?

2) Capacitor Specifications:.

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This video clip will certainly be useful to all the trainees of Science and also Engineering in comprehending the numerous sorts of capacitors and also their regular applications.