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Shaping Sawtooth to Square | DIY VCO Part 4

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In this collection, I’m taking a comprehensive consider just how to construct an analog VCO from the ground up, making use of simply a handful of low-cost parts. It’s the basis for any kind of synthesizer. To maintain it as beginner-friendly as feasible, I’m clarifying what all the elements carry out in information.

In this 4th episode, we’re including a variable pulse size outcome to our oscillator. Various other brand-new attributes consist of added security via thermistors, a great adjusting handle and also modular-conform quantity degrees (10V peak-to-peak).

If you wish to adhere to along, below’s an expense of products:

2x 100k Linear Mono Potentiometer
1x 1 uF Foil Capacitor
1x 1N4148 Diode
1x 1M Resistor
1x 200k Resistor
3x 100k Resistor
1x 33k Resistor (sorry, I misspoke– it’s not 32k).
1x 20k Resistor.
3x 10k Thermistor NTC.

00:00 Intro.
00:38 Temperature Trouble.
01:48 Thermistors Basics/Taming Transistors.
02:43 Temperature Dependent Voltage Divider.
04:37 Thermistor Setup.
05:13 Fine Tuning Intro.
06:53 Weighted Voltage Divider Inputs.
08:01 Fine Tuning Setup.
08:34 Waveshaping Intro.
09:11 40106 Sawtooth-to-Pulse.
10:56 Op-Amp Basics.
11:56 Op-Amp Maths.
13:08 Op-Amp Negative Feedback.
15:13 Non-Inverting Amplifier.
16:45 Amplifier Setup.
17:25 Amplifier Function Test.
18:01 40106 Sawtooth-to-Pulse II.
20:16 Sawtooth-to-Pulse Setup & Test.
21:04 Amplifier Range Fix.
21:31 Amplifier Range Fix Setup & Test.
22:15 Offset Voltage Removal.
22:40 Volume: 10V Peak-to-Peak.
24:15 10V Peak-to-Peak Setup.
25:02 Sound Demo.
26:05 Outro.