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Rapid Prototyping RF Filters with Tape & QUCS

An overview to mimicing microstrip filters in QUCS as well as prototyping them with copper tape on empty FR4 sheets. These super-cheap products are excellent as much as a pair ghz, as you’ll see in the video clip.
Complying with a fast real-time demo, I develop as well as imitate 2 microstrip filters, a 1GHz stepped-impedance LPF, and also a 10GHz end-coupled BPF.

2:05 – 1/4 wavelength stub develop & examinations
3:46 – Radial stub construct & examinations
4:18 – Stepped resistance microstrip LPF layout
6:42 – Stepped resistance microstrip LPF construct & examinations
9:10 – Trimming the tipped resistance LPF
10:26 – Brief tutorial on manufacturing filters in QUCS
14:51 – Synthesizing a 10GHz end-coupled microstrip BPF
18:33 – 10GHz end-coupled BPF develop & examinations