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New Player Guide to Star Citizen Flight and Ship Combat

In this overview we’ll discuss trip in Star Citizen and also cover every facet of your ship’s systems, HUD as well as controls. We’ll describe just how to utilize your ship’s tools, rockets as well as protective systems in battle.

This Celebrity Resident brand-new gamer trip overview will certainly show you exactly how to fly as well as aid brand-new gamers as well as novice pilots recognize trip technicians, ship fight as well as ship systems. If you’re a brand-new gamer to Celebrity Person, or simply cleaning up on the most up to date modifications, this overview will certainly educate you all the fast beginning details you require to comprehend your ship in simply half an hour.

My name is RedLir and also I’m a 7 year Star Citizen expert with countless hrs of logged video game time. Allow me be your overview to standing up and also keeping up your ship, so you can feel great removing and also browsing via the ‘knowledgeable.

I wish this aids you in your Star Citizen trip.

This overview is intentionally to the factor and also is loaded with details to obtain you began swiftly. I’ve laid out all the areas listed below in an extensive timestamp listing so you can return and also utilize it as a referral as called for.

Many thanks for viewing!

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00:00 Flight Model
00:13 IFCS & Thrusters
00:32 Basic Controls
00:54 VJOY vs Relative (computer mouse).
01:10 Look Ahead.
01:18 Boost.
01:33 Space Brake.
01:53 External Camera.
02:09 Thrust Indicator.
02:20 Velocity Indicator.
02:33 SCM vs Cruise.
02:47 Speed Limiter.
03:44 Cruise Control.
04:05 Take Off.
04:14 Entering Ship.
04:18 Flight Ready.
04:44 Air Traffic Controller.
05:07 Landing Gear.
05:16 VTOL.
05:35 MFDs.
06:04 Shields.
06:32 Weapon Groups.
06:52 Weapon Stagger.
07:22 Power Toggles.
07:30 Alarm Panel.
07:46 Instruments.
07:55 3D Acceleration & GForces.
08:05 GSAF.
08:27 Universal Bearing Indicator (Atmosphere ).
08:50 Altimeter (Atmosphere ).
09:03 Pitch Ladder (Atmosphere ).
09:11 Universal Bearing Indicator (Space ).
09:19 Pitch Indicator (Space ).
09:52 True Velocity Indicator (TVI ).
10:18 3D Velocity Indicator.
10:41 Quantum Travel.
12:07 Coupled & Decoupled.
13:50 Landing.
14:10 Ship’s Lights.
14:16 Proximity Assist.
14:49 Refuel, Rearm, Repair.
15:25 Radar & Scanning.
15:47 Emissions.
16:32 Emission Masking.
16:40 Active Scanner.
17:09 Ping Scanner.
17:32 Capacitor & Power Management.
18:30 Gunnery Weapons.
18:42 Energy, Distortion & Ballistics.
19:15 Repeaters, Cannons & Scatter Guns.
19:35 Fixed vs Gimbals.
20:16 Gimbal Modes Manual vs Auto.
21:03 Targeting & Locking.
21:49 Pinning Targets.
22:25 Predictive Impact Points.
22:38 Lead PIP.
22:53 Sub Targeting.
23:02 Lag PIP.
23:22 ESP.
24:35 Missile Operator Mode.
26:23 Incoming Missiles.
26:50 Countermeasures.
28:09 Ship Components.

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