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nanoVNA – Measuring Inductors and Capacitors (Vers. 3)

This approach is except greater regularity characterization of elements. It merely enables an individual to identify the fundamental radio frequency worths of capacitors as well as inductors to recognize or verify their worths.

0:15 – description of the examination arrangement recommendation:
2:30 – adjusting the nanoVNA
3:23 – checking out an inductor
6:24 – shunt setup precision referral:
9:20 – considering a capacitor

Referral pertaining to shunt technique precision as well as why I picked to make dimensions at 50 ohms or 90 levels S11 stage:

Instead, as has actually been mentioned in the video clip and also sustaining documents, 50 ohms is made use of largely due to the fact that it exists within the shunt approach’s finest precision area. Second factors consist of: it’s at 90 levels on the smith graph (the top or lower depending on what you’re gauging), is simple to bear in mind, makes dimensions constant, maintains individuals away from going also reduced in regularity, prevents the self powerful regularity of the tool as well as examination component.