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Molence 240PCS Film Box Capacitor Assortment Kit, 24 Values Metallized Polyester 1nF to 1uF 63V-100V Correction Capacitor

Film box capacitors, Nominal Capacitance: 1nF to 1uF.10 computers each of the adhering to requirement worths: 102J 1nF, 122J 1.2 nF, 152J 1.5 nF, 222J 2.2 nF, 332J 3.3 nF, 392J 3.9 nF, 472J 4.7 nF, 622J 6.2 nF, 103J 10nF, 183J 18nF, 223J 22nF, 273J 27nF, 333J 33nF, 473J 47nF, 563J 56nF, 683J 68nF, 823J 82nF, 104J 0.1 uF, 224J 0.22 uF, 274J 0.27 uF, 334J 0.33 uF, 474J 0.47 uF, 684J 0.68 uF; 105J 1uF

Capacitor Tester, Low sound, high accuracy, heat stability.All of 240 items of Capacitors in 24 worths are diverse and also well stuffed, Enough amount for your DIY job as well as experiments.Wide capacitance array

, little dimension as well as lightweight, appropriate for obstructing, by-pass and also couping of DC and also signals to VHF array. Commonly made use of in filter as well as reduced pulse circuits.

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