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Molence 180PCS 15 Values Metallized Film Capacitor, 400V 630V 0.001uF to 0.56uF CBB22 Polypropylene Film DC Capacitor Assortment Kit

1. These Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor kits including 180PCS 15 different values: 0.01uF 400V, 0.022uF 400V, 0.033uF 400V, 0.047uF 400V, 0.1uF 400V, 0.15uF 400V, 0.22uF 400V, 0.33uF 400V, 0.47uF 400V, 0.56uF 400V, 0.001uF 630V, 0.0022uF 630V, 0.0033uF 630V, 0.0047uF 630V, 0.068uF 630V to fulfill your variety requirement.

2. Capacitance Tolerance: ±5%.

3. The inherent geometry of film capacitor structure results in very low ohmic losses and a very low parasitic inductance.

4. Excellent electrical characteristics, high stability and long life.

5. Suitable for applications with very high surge currents (snubbers) and for AC power applications, or for applications at higher frequencies.

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