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Introduction to ADC and DAC

In this video clip, the essentials of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and also Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) have actually been reviewed.

By viewing this video clip, you will certainly discover the complying with subjects:

0:00 Introduction

0:20 What is ADC and also DAC? Why we make use of ADC and also DAC?

3:30 Conversion actions for analog to electronic conversion (Quantization, tasting, and also encoding).

3:58 What is Quantization? What is the Resolution of ADC? What is Quantization Error?

9:42 What is Sampling? (Criteria for tasting and also the requirement of Anti-aliasing Filter ).

12:49 Digital to Analog Converter and also essential criteria for DAC.

13:53 Types of ADC and also DAC.

What are ADC and also DAC?

DAC represents Digital to Analog Converter and also it transforms the Digital signal right into an analog signal.

ADC means Analog to Digital Converter, which transforms the analog signal right into the electronic signal.

ADC and also DAC are a vital part of our life as well as by some or various other method we are making use of in our everyday life.

Why we utilize ADC and also DAC?

The majority of the normally happening signals are analog in nature. The analog signals are vulnerable to sound as well as tough to shop and also procedure.

As well as the electronic domain name, it is very easy to shop and also procedure these signals.

That’s why for storage space as well as handling signals are exchanged electronic kind and also it is gotten making use of DAC.

Actions included for the analog to electronic conversion:.

1. Tasting.
2. Quantization.
3. Encoding.

In this video clip, each action is clarified briefly and also exactly how the mistake is presented throughout the procedure is additionally discussed.

Vital criteria for ADC and also DAC.

1. Resolution.
2. Referral Voltage.
3. Conversion and/or working out time.
4. Gain as well as Offset Error.
5. Non-linearity (Integral as well as differential Non-linearity).
6. Precision.
7. Complete Harmonic Distortion (For DAC).

Sorts of ADC:.

1. Blink ADC.
2. Twin Slope ADC.
3. Succeeding Approximation Type ADC (SAR).
4. Sigma-Delta ADC.

Kinds of DAC:.

1. Binary Weighted Resistor Type DAC.
2. R-2R ladder Type DAC.

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This video clip will certainly be useful to every person in comprehending the essentials of ADC and also DAC (What is ADC and also DAC, How it Works and also Important Parameters of ADC and also DAC).