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Intro to Basic Circuits (resistors and capacitors)

In this video I’m really excited to share the approach I took when I was first learning about circuits. I find that being given a bunch of equations and told to “solve a circuit” doesn’t actually help when it comes to a more fundamental understanding.

When it comes to circuits and the different components, it’s very important to play around with them to truly understand their function.

I was able to keep this video free of any math, but remember that if you choose to try these circuits yourself, math will be important, especially in order to choose the right values to protect the LED (take a look at the LED resource I linked and read the next section titled “What are LEDs used for?” to learn about why you need a resistor).

I will be linking many resources down below in case you want to dive deeper.

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For more info regarding the Water Analogy for resistors:
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How does a battery work?

For more info regarding a charging capacitor:,-%C2%A92007%20HowStuffWorks&text=The%20plate%20on%20the%20capacitor,loses%20electrons%20to%20the%20battery.
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