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How To Replace (And Spec) Filter Capacitors on Vintage Receivers

What devices do I utilize?

1:02 – Disassembly/Removal
3:55 – How To Find as well as spec Replacement Caps
7:16 – Reassembly/Installation
12:42 – Measuring Capacitance – Was Replacement Necessary?

This 2250B is obtaining a complete remediation, so have a look at my network if you would certainly such as to see various other video clips concerning remediation!

In this video clip I change the filter capacitors on a Marantz 2250B, however this video clip is appropriate and/or definitely suitable to numerous various other classic receivers!

IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE RIGHT SOLDER TERMINAL-STYLE FILTER CAPACITORS, what you can do is search by “break in” discontinuation, locate one with the appropriate specifications, and afterwards acquire some ring terminals to crimp/solder onto the capacitor breeze in pins. This way you can quickly connect cords to the ring terminals much like a solder lug. Or, you can purchase screw incurable capacitors as well as kink a ring incurable per cable.

Additionally inspect if Mouser does not have the capacitor you require.