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Finding Resistor Capacitor Diodes at ­čöą Cheapest Price in India | All Types & Values ­čöą­čöą

Easily Find all values ratings & voltage resistors capacitors diodes & buy at lowest price in India.

Over Resistors 50000 variety of resistors exist based on values/resistance & color codes
For Ex: 1Ohm1/4watt 10ohm2watt 10k 1kohm
Resistor Types: Carbon Composition Resistors.
Wire wound Resistors.
Thin Film Resistors.
Carbon Film Resistors.
Metal Film Resistors.
Thick Film Resistors.
Metal Oxide Resistors.

Over 20000 variety of capacitors exist based on ratings & voltage
Capacitor Types:Ceramic capacitors
Electrolytic capacitors
Film Capacitors

Over 10000 variety of diodes exist based on ratings & voltage
Diode Types: BARITT diode, Gunn Diode, Laser diode, Light emitting diodes, Zener Diode

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