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Electronic Circuit #ElectronicCircuits#Globaltechboom

0:34 Overview of Electronic Circuit
When can we call a circuit as a digital circuit, 1:20
2:31 Designing an Electronic circuit
3:18 Elements of Electronic circuit
4:12 Electronic circuit Concept
5:48 Types of Electronic circuit

If it has at the very least one energetic part, a Circuit can be called a digital circuit just. A digital circuit consists of numerous sorts of elements, which are split right into 2 kinds: Active elements like transistors, diodes, IC’s; and also Passive parts like capacitors, resistors, inductors, and so on #Electronic Circuit
#Electric Current
#Electric Circuit
#Active & & Passive elements
# Elements of Electronic Circuit
#Open & & Closed Circuit
#Short Circuit
# Series & & Parallel Circuit
#Analog Electronic circuit
#Digital Electronic circuit
#Mixed- Signal circuit

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A digital circuit is a framework to route and also regulate electrical currents to carry out some beneficial features like information transfer, signal boosting, and also calculation. Electric existing is the circulation of electrical cost while the electrical circuit is the conductive course for the circulation of existing. A conductive cable is utilized to offer a link in between the voltage resource and also the lots.