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DIY SYNTH VCF Part 2: Active Filters & Resonance

Assistance the network:

In this collection, I’m taking a thorough consider exactly how to develop an analog VCF from the ground up. We’re getting the rate rather in this episode, considering that the subject is rather intricate. If you require refresher courses on particular principles, right here’s a listing of web links:

Adverse voltages, diodes & power supply:
Voltage divider panels:
A/c combining:

If you wish to adhere to along– which I highly advise–, below’s a costs of products:

1x TL074 quad op amp
1x 100k direct stereo potentiometer (if you can discover one, utilize a 500k – provides you far more variety).
1x 100k straight mono potentiometer.
2x 200k resistor.
1x 100k resistor.
1x 33k resistor.
1x 10k resistor.
1x 6k8 resistor.
2x 1uF foil/ceramic capacitor.
2x 10nF foil/ceramic capacitor.
6x 14148 diode.

00:00 Intro.
02:28 Amplification & op amps.
08:19 What is vibration?
11:25 Resonant filter evaluation & construct.
15:43 Feedback control.
20:37 Volume equilibrium & distortion.
24:05 Clipped responses.
25:55 Sound trial & outro.