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DEVMO Ar-duino Upgraded Electronics Fun Kit Starter Resistor LED Capacitor Breadboard Resistor Buzzer Buttons Jumper Wire Precision Potentiometer Breadboard Compatible with Ar-duino, STM32

★ Ard-uino starter set with great deals of sensible and also beneficial elements.

★ Safe and also safe pakcage: all parts are well-stored in a durable plastic box

★ 10pcs 100 r Resistance 10pcs 220 r Resistance 10pcs 330 r Resistance 10pcs 1 k Resistor 10pcs 10 k Resistor 10pcs 100 k Resistor 10pcs 4.7 K Resistor 10pcs 47 k Resistor 10pcs 100 pf Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs 10 nf Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs 100 nf Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs 2.2 pf Ceramic Capacitor 10pcs 10 uf Electrolytic Capacitor 10pcs 470 uf Electrolytic Capacitor 10pcs Red LED 10pcs Green LED 10pcs Yellow LED 10pcs Blue LED 2pcs Switches With Blue Hat 2pcs Switches With Red Hat 2pcs Switches With

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