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Designing a sample & hold-circuit from scratch

Assistance the network:
Functioning simulation on falstad:
BJT variation:

In this episode, we’ll develop an incredibly basic JFET-based DIY example & hold-circuit. The video clip likewise increases as a deep dive right into JFET fundamentals since I’ve just ever before made use of BJTs prior to. If you wish to adhere to along (which I highly advise), below’s an expense of products:

1x TL074 quad op-amp
1x J113 (or J112/J111) n-channel JFET
2x 1N4148 diode
1x 100k straight mono potentiometer
1x 1M resistor
3x 100k resistor
1x 33k resistor
1x 1k resistor
1x 100 nF movie capacitor
1x 1nF movie capacitor

00:00 Intro & Sound Demo
01:32 Sample & Hold Basics
06:15 JFET Deep Dive
12:00 Sampling Accurately
16:47 Core Circuit Setup
23:39 Trigger Trouble
28:48 Final Version & Outro