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Create a Weather App for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows – in 30 MINUTES!

Just how to Create a Weather App for Android, iphone, Mac & Windows – in 30 MINUTES!
Complete Weather App Course:
Total Quasar Course:

Complete Weather App Course:
Total Quasar Course:
Quasar PWA Course:
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In this video clip, I’ll reveal you exactly how to develop a GORGEOUS Weather App from square one – as well as obtain it functioning & running on FIVE DIFFERENT PLATFORMS – Android, iphone, Mac, Windows & Web Browser – in 30 MINUTES!

Just how can it be feasible to produce an application on FIVE DIFFERENT PLATFORMS in 30 mins?

Well, it’s enabled by Quasar Framework, an unbelievable brand-new structure which enables you to develop a Vue.js application with a SINGLE codebase as well as release it to:

( 1) the Web – as a Single Page Application (SPA), a Progressive Web App (PWA) or a Server-side Rendered App (SSR).
( 2) a Mobile App – utilizing Cordova – both iphone & Android.
( 3) a Desktop App – utilizing Electron – for Mac, Windows & Linux.
( 4) You can also produce BROWSER EXTENSIONS currently for Chrome, Firefox, Edge as well as even more!

It additionally has more than 100 various Material Components such as Buttons, Lists & Form Components – virtually anything you’ll require for many applications!

It likewise has lots of various energies & plugins such as day format, information storage space as well as hot-reloading – which implies when you conserve your job, you see the adjustment quickly – EVEN when creating Mobile & Desktop Apps!

It also has Platform Detection – which suggests you can present a certain component just on Mobile, after that show a various component just on Desktop – OR – you can terminate a certain block of JavaScript code just on Mobile – after that a various block of code just on Desktop.

Quasar Framework is THE BEST Cross-Platform service on the planet today!