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Antaa 840 Pieces 24 Types 50v Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Electronics Kit Capacitors Range 10pf to 10uf Multilayer Monolithic in Electronic Components Storage Box

【Kit includes】:24 different types of ceramic capacitors,capacitors range 10pf to 10uf ,35 of one type 840 in total,so fully meet your use needs

【Numerical range】:10pf-10uf(100nf=0.1uf) (24 types: 0.1uf, 0.15uf, 0.22uf, 0.33uf, 0.47uf, 0.68uf,1uf,2.2uf,4.7uf,10uf,10pf,20pf,30pf,47pf,56pf,68pf,100pf,200pf,300pf,680pf,1 nf,4.7nf,10nf,47nf)

【Quality materials】:this set of porcelain ceramic capacitors is made of reliable materials and has good durability

【Easy to use】:the model number on the capacitor corresponds to the number on the paper, so that you can better distinguish and find them

【Aligning neatly】:different types of capacitors are packed in separate compartments so that they do not get mixed together for easy storage

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